Eboard Members

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Veena Arvind


Sophomore studying Computer Science in CAS. She loves to talk about code with other people. In her free time, Veena goes to the gym, makes jewelry, and plays card games.

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Ami Nachiappan

Vice President

Sophomore from California studying Computer Science and Economics. In her free time, she loves spending time with family, running, and of course, coding!

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Edmond Shao


Edmond is a Sophomore at CAS studying Computer Science and minoring in Business Studies. Aside from class, he likes cars, being a foodie and traveling.

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George Ma


Junior from Singapore majoring in Computer Science and Business. He likes reading, writing, coding, and gaming.

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Candice Shen

Director of Marketing

Candice is a junior at Steinhardt majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication and minoring in Web Design. If you cannot find her outside of class, Candice is traveling or planning for her 23rd country to visit.

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Deanna Tran

Director of Communications

Junior in CAS studying Computer Science with minors in Web Design and Linguistics. Outside of school, Deanna can be found at a local restaurant or art museum.

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Albert Liu


Albert enjoys python scripting and long walks in Central Park. In his work time he majors in Computer Science and minors in Mathematics at CAS.

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Shelly Cao

Director Of Outreach

Shelly is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with minors in Math and Business Study. She comes from a small city in China called Jingzhou and even her Chinese friends are clueless as to where it is. In her free time, she loves to explore the different boroughs in the city and try food from different cultures.

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Brian Shih

Vice Director of Outreach

Brian is a Junior at CAS Majoring in Computer Science and Minoring in Cyber Security & Web Development. He is an Australian that was raised in Taiwan. Outside of class you can find him writing scripts and drinking Soylent™(Please Sponsor).

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Aaditya Mehta

Project Lead

A sophomore studying Economics and Mathematics, Aaditya spends way too much time in Stern (#IAmStern). In his free time he likes to listen to music, take long walks, and read Econ papers, sometimes simultaneously.

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Samuel Lin

Vice Project Lead

Samuel is a Sophomore at CAS majoring in Computer Science and Minoring in Web Design and Game Design. He was born and raised in Taiwan, but studied in Singapore for high school before coming to New York. He is a big foodie and enjoys trying foods from different cultures.

Founding Members

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Nadira Dewji

Alumni who studied Computer Science in CAS. Originally from Tanzania, Nadira loves travelling, scuba diving and wildlife. She’s excited about open source principles and making impactful contributions.

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David Klein

Alumni California who studied Biology with three minors, and loves both carbon based life and silicon based life to equal extents.

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Ananditha Raghunath

Alunmi who studied Math and CS at Courant. Having started to code only after she arrived at NYU, she’s is excited to mentor new members that may not know how to make their ideas translate into tangible code based projects!

Faculty Mentor

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Joanna Klukowska

Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.