Meet Our Executive Board

Khanh Nguyen


Khanh is a Junior from Vietnam studying Computer Science. BROCKHAMPTON is his all-time favorite boyband. Outside of school, he enjoys trying out good food, exploring the city and contributing to projects.

Aaditya Mehta


Aaditya is a Senior studying Economics and Mathematics, Aaditya spends way too much time in Stern (#IAmStern). In his free time he likes to listen to music, take long walks, and read Econ papers, sometimes simultaneously.

Laurel Xiang


Laurel is a joint Computer Science and Data Science major at CAS. In her free time, she enjoys biking around the city, trying new foods, and contributing to projects.

Sonia Jain

Director of Marketing & Communications

I'm Sonia and I'm a junior at New York University double majoring in Computer Science and Media, Culture, and Communications. I am interested in game design, art, and I love animals. In my free time, I work with a variety of organizations to help find dogs and cats' homes. I also love painting and digital art so when I'm not working with animals, I am creating.

Bruce Jiang


Bruce is a junior from China studying Computer Science and Mathematics. Outside of class, he is crazy in soccer (especially in Chelsea) and basketball. He spends tons of time playing FIFA (most of the time playing Chelsea). Besides, he likes listening to music, reading about history, and travelling.

Evan Silverman

Full Stack Developer

Evan is a Junior studying CS at CAS. In his free time he enjoys working on too many side projects, expanding his record collection, and making memes for @nyumsfbt

Yuchen Liu

Full Stack Developer

Yuchen is a CS and Data Science major at CAS. He likes to eat ramen, watch movies, meet new people, and work on fun projects.

Samuel Lin

Event Coordinator

Samuel is a Senior at CAS majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Web Design and Game Design. He was born and raised in Taiwan, but studied in Singapore for high school before coming to New York. He is a big foodie and enjoys trying foods from different cultures.

Vishal Vanam

Event Coordinator

I am a Graduate Student in Information Systems at GSAS. I hail from Hyderabad(India) and love travelling and exploring new places. Usually spotted listening to music and engaging in debates with friends.